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(Reposted) Actual Family Feud answers

(note: I found a few bonuses for the end)
Name something a blind person might use - A sword
Name a song with moon in the title - Blue Suede Moon
Name a bird with a long neck - Naomi Campbell
Name an occupation where you need a torch - A burglar
Name a famous brother & sister - Bonnie & Clyde
Name a dangerous race - The Arabs
Name an item of clothing worn by the 3 musketeers - A horse
Name something that floats in the bath - Water
Name something you wear on the beach - A deckchair
Name something Red - My cardigan
Name a famous cowboy - Buck Rogers
Name a famous royal - Mail
A number you have to memorize - 7
Something you do before going to bed - Sleep
Something you put on walls - Roofs
Something in the garden that's green - Shed
Something that flies that doesn't have an engine - A bicycle with wings
Something you might be allergic to - Skiing
Name a famous bridge - The bridge over troubled waters
Something a cat does - Goes to the toilet
Something you do in the bathroom - Decorate
Name an animal you might see at the zoo - A dog
Something associated with the police - Pigs
A sign of the zodiac - April
Something slippery - A conman
A kind of ache - Fillet 'O' Fish
A food that can be brown or white - Potato
A jacket potato topping - Jam
A famous Scotsman - Jock
Another famous Scotsman - Vinnie Jones
Something with a hole in it - Window
A non-living object with legs - Plant
A domestic animal - Leopard
A part of the body beginning with 'N' - Knee
A way of cooking fish - Cod
Name a job around the house that has to be done every fall: Spring cleaning.
Name something you shouldn't leave in the car when it's hot: A wallet.
Name a specific part of the body that's hard to keep a band-aid on: Hair.
Name something children bring home from school: Colds.
Name a state that borders Canada: New Jersey.
Name the month with the best weather: January.
Name something you take to the beach: A turkey.
Name a brand of gasoline: Regular.
Name something that usually comes with a summer storm: Snow.
Something you open other than a door: Your bowels.
Name something made of leather that a cowboy uses: A purse.
Name something that can kill a lively party: Guns.
Name something that is prohibited on most beaches: Sex.
Name something you should do in moderation or you'll be sorry later: Sex.
Name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony: A horse.
The price of a dozen roses: $1.75.
Besides a bird, name something in a birdcage: Hamster.
What month does a pregnant woman start to show?: September.
Name a sport that has laps: Baseball.
Name an article of clothing that children are always losing: Their pants.
Name something you might accidentally leave on all night: Your shoes.
Name something that some people do clothed that others do without
clothes: Ride a motorcycle.
Name the first thing you take off after work: Underwear.
Name the most romantic-sounding musical instrument: Drums.
Name something that people cheat on: The Chicago Bears.
Real or fictional, name a famous Willie: Willie the Pooh.
Name any of Santa's reindeer: Snippy.
Name an animal with 3 letters in it's name: Alligator.
Name a holiday that the stores are always busy during: Monday.
What is the heaviest item in your house?: 600 pounds.
Name a children's story or rhyme about a character named Peter: Peter, Paul, and Mary.
Name something that dries up when it gets old: George Burns.
A famous group of singers: The Simpsons.
What time do you wake up?: In the morning.
What time do you go to bed?: At night.
Name something you put in tea: Tea bag.
Something you'd find in an operating room: Operator
Something that comes with a summer storm: Snow
Something you'd yell at if it stopped working: Spouse
Something worn only by children: Clothes
An animal with three letters in its name: Frog
An animal with three letters in its name: Alligator
Something you feel before you buy it: Excited
An article of clothing that children always lose: Pants (A friendly reminder....in the UK, "Pants" are "Underpants", in North America, "Pants" are "Trousers"...all clear now?)
An animal whose eggs you'd never eat for breakfast: Hamster
Something you might accidentally leave on all night: Shoes
One of the three bears: Yogi
A holiday named after a person: January
A holiday named after a person: Easter
One of Santa's reindeer: Nixon
One of Santa's reindeer: Adolf
Something Russia is famous for: Russians
Something that comes in pairs: Bananas
A time when people wake up: Morning
A state with good skiing: Florida
Something you buy in a larger size if you have a large family: Jeans
Something you buy in a larger size if you have a large family: Games
A city in the state of Georgia: Alabama
A pie that does not contain fruit: Lemon Meringue
A man's name beginning with the letter K: Kentucky Fried Chicken
The month where a pregnant woman begins to show: September
A food that's red on the inside: Kiwi
A weather term that can also describe your wife: Wet
A day of the year when you want to be with friends: December
A department in a supermarket: Lingerie
The most lovable breed of dog: Kitten
Something women borrow from each other: Husbands
An invention that has replaced stairs: Wheel
Something you often misplace in your car: Steering wheel
A famous “Arnold”: Arnold & Willis
A reason you might stay inside on a beautiful day: It's raining
Something associated with the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Bob Barker
A yellow fruit: Orange
An attraction you see in almost every parade: Merry-go-round
Something you stroke: A match
A tradition associated with Christmas: Hanukkah (OY VEY!)
A holiday where men buy last minute gifts for their wife: Thanksgiving
A food people give as a gift: Lasagna
A vegetable you marinate: Grapes
The one thing that the people living near you have that you want: A beautiful wife
Something that you buy and then have to take good care of it: An infant (Anyone here ever BOUGHT a child?)
Besides a house or a car, the most expensive item you own: Car
A food with an edible skin: Banana
A piece of clothing wives buy for their husbands: Halter tops (perhaps if the hubby is...A LUMBERJACK! (Python-esque humor here))
A street name that is common to cities all over the US: Hollywood Boulevard
A kind of bear: Papa Bear
A real person who made a living scaring people: Red Skelton
Something a hostess does to let her guests know it's time to leave: Goes to bed
An animal with really good sight: Bat
A state beginning with the letter M: Mexico
Something an Indian chief might use: Squaw
A word beginning with “Egg”: Excellent
A city named after a president: Carson City
A sport in which two people compete against each other: Checkers
An occupation in which you disguise your appearance: Doctor
Something that flies that doesn't have an engine: Dishes
Something you squeeze: Peanut butter
A bird with a long neck: Penguin
A continent: Italy
A sport you can never play on grass: Baseball
An occupation starting with "J": Jackhammerer
A phrase some husbands dread hearing: "Honey, I'm home"
A bad occupation if you don't like kids: Mortician
A question you don't like to be asked: "Are those real?"
A European country in which you'd expect to find castles: London
Something every doctor has: Speculum
An animal with horns: Bee
A medieval weapon: Hand grenade ("The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch"?)
Something made of wool: A sheep
Something a bridegroom might wear: A dress
Someone you wouldn't expect to see in a strip club: Animals
An animal with a long tail: Rabbit
Something you put out for the birds: Worms
A way to prevent snoring: Put a pillow over his face
A word used to describe a very hot day: A very hot day
Someone who works early hours: Burglar
Something made to be wheeled around: A hammer
A reason for kneeling: To be beheaded
A nickname for a slim person: Slimmy
A measurement of liquid: Paint
Something that's nice to wear next to your skin: Pants
A famous Dick: Carrot
Something that Santa Claus does when he comes to your house: Feeds your pets
Something that comes in 7's: Fingers (I hope not)
Something associated with Liverpool: The Yellow Brick Road ("Well, it's not in Kansas")
A boy mentioned in a nursery rhyme: Little Red Riding Hood
Something associated with Queen Victoria: Her husbands
Something you hide in your socks when you go swimming: Your legs
A place you would keep a pen: A zoo
Something you beat: An apple
Something you make into a ball: Eggs
A game that uses a black ball: Darts
A popular TV soap: Dove
Something you might find in a garage: A grand piano
A fast animal: Hippo
Something you keep in the garden: A cat
Something that gives you goose bumps: Mumps
A character from Little Red Riding Hood: Hansel and Gretel
Something that has a shell: Batman (I know in the 1989 movie the Batmobile does....)
Something a policeman might say: "Spread 'em"
Something that frightens Dracula: The King of the Vampires
A mode of transportation that you can walk in: Your shoes
An animal with big ears: A bear
Something you do on water: Wallpaper
A musical instrument you can play in the bath: Drum kit
Something associated with Egypt: Cigars
Something you pull: A potato
An animal used as a form of transportation: Turtle
A Thunderbirds character: Doctor Spock
Another TV game show with the word 'family' in the title: The Generation Game
Something that makes you scream: A squirrel
A food that can be eaten without chewing: Chips
A type of record: A floppy disk
A type of large cat: Persian
A job that a working dog does: A slave
Something you use a microchip on: A fish-fryer
A game played in the dark: Charades
A part of the body you have more than two of: Arms
Something you find on a fire engine: Coal
The first place detectives look for fingerprints: The floor
Something you associate with the sea: A coffin
A famous Arthur: Shakespeare
A weapon in the game of Clue: Dice
Something people take to the beach: Turkey
A reason someone digs a hole in the road: Grave digger
Something a girl should know about a man before marrying him: His name
An item of clothing a woman might borrow from a man: Underpants
Something taken from a hotel as a souvenir: The lamps
Something you keep in a garden shed: A gardener
Something you wear on the beach: Deckchair
Fruit used in fruit salad: Cucumber
The last thing you take off before going to bed: Your feet
Something that has to warm up before you use it: Your wife
A noisy bird: Chipmunk
Something you keep handy by the front door: Spittoon
A job that helicopters are used for: Tuna fishing
A famous robber: Cops
A famous resort area outside the continental United States: Tahoe
An American state where people speak with accents: Mexico
Something a man has that he'd be upset if someone else used it: His jockstrap
Something London is famous for: Pasta
Something you wouldn't want the police to find in the trunk of your car: Pickles
A game you could play in the bath: Scuba diving
A food that makes a noise when you eat it: Really loud hamburger
Something that your wife would do that would be shocking: Greet you at the door naked
Something you throw away when you're moving away: Pantry
A dangerous animal that some people keep as pets: Wolf
When you sneak out of work, the reason you give for leaving: "I'm going to the beach!"
When you sneak out of work, the reason you give for leaving: "Going to another job"
An animal that eats mice: Rat
Something you have that you wish worked better: Spouse
Something you wouldn't try even once: Sex on a train
A famous male dancer: Betty Grable
An occasion for which you've stayed up all night: Lost my virginity
Your favorite country western singer: Van Whalen
Something that falls from the trees: Bird shit
Something a dentist says: "Just a small prick"
A name that rhymes with "Larry": Larry
Something you just won't buy unless it's on sale: Cake mix
Something you just won't buy unless it's on sale: Drapes
Besides an animal, something with a tail: Tailpipe
Something that gets accidentally run over by a lawn mower: The lawn mower's cord
An occupation where someone wears a robe at work: A fireman
An occupation where someone wears a robe at work: A graduate
A sport that people sometimes play by themselves: Tic-tac-toe
A household pet you can leave by itself for a couple of days: Monkey
A part of the body people love to have massaged: Hips
An activity that makes people cry: Playing games
A vegetable that is grown in a patch: Strawberry
Something some people fear that starts with the letter S: Squirrels
A reaction someone might have if they got really scared: Laugh
An occasion when family photographs are taken: Photography
Something that comes after the word "double": U
Something you'd hate for the plane you're on to only have one of: Pillows
Something your spouse does in the bedroom that rhymes with "mumble": Pumble
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